Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Making a fishing float.

This afternoon I was messing around with some Pheasant berry and realiased that a fishing float could be made. I hav'nt seen this anywhere else. But it could be used with any plant which has air tight chambers and is light and strong, Like Bamboo. Dont have that here is belfast though.

Trim down to size making sure there is 1 airtight chamber left.

Scarpe bark off one end to make it stand out in water.

Make a hole in both side of 1 end. do not puncture airtight chamber in middle.

I stuck a flower in top for better visability. and glued it in with pine resin.

A pebble glued in base.

A useful float which takes 5 minutes.


Gorges Smythe said...

Interesting idea. Excellent knife; I've got it in two sizes.

Unknown said...

so I am new to bushcraft I am wondering what a fish float is used for. It looks like you are very experienced in this field. Your other posts are very intriguing as well!

keep up the good work!

Andrew Boe said...

Gorges, Yes the opinel is excellent, cheap and robust.

Miadventure, Hi, the fishing float is used to keep the bait and hook at a certain height. And is also an indicator for when a fish has taken the bait. Hope that helps.

torjusgaaren said...

Great idea for a float! Like the flower detail. Could maybe use phragmites reeds too this way.

Torjus Gaaren