Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Wednesday 31 December 2014

Hand driller's hands

Used abused but most of all, loved.

My pal from Canada showed me his main and only knife. Used everyday for many years. It was called a ranger knife and looks a bit like an Esse. I like to see tools with a story.

Tarp and vegetation boat

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Willow and elder Hand drill fire collected and used.

Often the challenge of hand drill is finding suitable materials. Here I find a good peice of elder some firm dry dead willow and make fire. The tinder bundle is honeysuckle bark which is exceptional if it is dry.

Foraging the shore

A few pictures from a recent trip to gather seaweeds for food. Great day, the sun was beating down all day.

Atlatl point

A new flint tip for one of my darts. Just need to coat the binding with good resin now.

Hand drill with flip flops.

A method make easier by the addition of flip flops. They increase grip dramatically which is key in this method.

A simple woodland tray

This little project takes about 15 minutes once the materials are collected. A pair of snips is ideal for making it neat but I just used a knife here.

Cooking trout.

This method which uses a trout fillet and a split stick roasts the trout and will make your mouth water. Delicious