Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Figure of four deadfall.


I made another trap today. Of course traps are illegal and this is just for fun and to develop my woodcraft. I am no trapper so am open to suggestions.

I used a concrete slab for this which is probably to heavy. You want to break the back of the animal and not crush it.

The figure of four deadfall works by enticing the prey under a heavy weight with bait on the trigger stick.

The whole set up holds together through tension from levers. When the trigger is disturbed the tension is released and the load falls.

You should place debris and sticks around the trap to funnel the prey into it. All flash (white cut branches etc) should be dulled down with mud from where you will be placing it. Try to handle it as little as possible because your scent will put most animals off.

The wood used is Lime, which is easy to carve and work with.

I made the whole thing with a penknife in 1/2 hour so it is easy enough

The trap broke this decking banister in two


Steven said...

How ate the two sticks connected in the forth picture?

Andrew Boe said...

Hi Steven,

The horizontal has a little peg on the side which pressed against the upright. The tension of the system holds pulls them together.