Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Friday 29 April 2011

Trangia mini stove

Hi all,

I was out walking in the antim hills today but more about that later.

I decided to bring a stove with me to have a nice hot drink on the hill. It was quite windy and although the sun was shining down at sea level it was quite misty on the plateau.

The mini trangis weighs just over 300g and therefore very light weight.

I took a small bottle of methylated spirts with me too for fuel.

I managed to boil 300ml of cold water in about 5 minutes or so once the little burner had heated up.

The base is quite small and I was worried about stability but i was fine on the flatest peice of grass i could find.

Like all triangisa it works better with a light breeze but uses more fuel.

I will update as i use it more.

some pics. You can buy them here quite cheaply.

Trangia Mini-Trangia Cookset With Spirit Burner

Trangia Mini Windshield With Spirit Burn Link for my american friends! $22.00 Say what!!!!!



Joel said...

I quite like that. I might well get myself one of those. How big is it? Do you think drilling a hole in the base and using a light tent peg would help the stability?

Andrew Boe said...

Hi Joel,

That might be a good idea.

It is really small. the top picture is the whole package.I have added one from the front for you.

Manta Engraving Blog said...

I love that too. Thus I made a its leather pouch. :) Mr.Joel's idea is nice!

Joel said...

Thanks Abo..I'll go and look at it. I can feel a bit of spending coming on! Leather pouch? I'll go and have a look at your site Manta!

Perkunas said...

That is the Only good trangia in my opinion,it goes over the swedish army mess tin kit too,in my books.

Yours is compact and light,offers enough volume for soloe hiker and its fast too,compared to other, bigger trangias that share similar small burner.