Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Friday 1 April 2011

Mora 2000 thoughts

Hi all,

I dont really do reviews of stuff on here however I thought I would have a go. 
I was out for a few hours with the Mora 2000 knife and thought I would share my opinion.

The knife costs about £20 in the uk.

I all ways wondered how it would perform and finally got my hands on one to try out. I had heard very good things about them.
The tip is not as acute as a typical mora and I didn't know if it would be possible to use it for fine work.

The handle is hard plastic with a rubberised grip and is very comfortable. The sheath is not pretty but it is very functional with drainage holes and a leather belt loop. I found it hung at just the right height on my belt and felt very sturdy. I jumped up and down a few times and shook the sheath and the knife did not fall out.
The blade is stainless and razor sharp with two different grinds, the steel is snadvik 12c27. Its made by Mora so I can be sure that that kind of stuff is taken care of. From a bit of research it is 3/4 tang and the blade is slightly thicker than normal.
I took it to the woods and harvested some elder wands for drying for future hand drilling. 
Because of the flaired butt, which you can hold with your first fingers and thumb, thus extending the blade length, it can be used to chop at light branches and I was able to cleanly chop through green wood up to 1-1.5cm thick in one chop. Kinda like a mini leuku. 
I also put its carving abilities to the test ( as much as I could with my limited skill) and it was able to do everything I asked of it. I put a slot through a wand, carved notches, holes,depressions, anything I could think of relly. The result of this was Mors Kochanski type try stick, which is a very relaxing and fun exercise in itself.
Lastly, because it is a usefull thing to do if you only have a knife, I batoned some 3 inch diameter hazel wood and made feather sticks for a small fire.

After a good few hours of work it was still razor sharp. 
The handle is the best I have used on a Mora, very comfortable. It is double the price though.
I thought the back would be good for striking sparks from a ferro rod but it didnt work. It is billed as a survival knife so maybe it should be something it can do.
Excellent blade, what else can I say.
Sorry about the pics. They were taken with my phone. 



João Grilo said...

Hey Abo,

Nice review. I also have a Mora 2000 and is one of my favorite knives.

Just a quick update to you review, the steel of the Mora2000 like the other stainless steel moras is Sandvik 12C27.

Best regards,
João Grilo (BushGear)

Gorges Smythe said...

Their reputation is deserved.

Fimbulmyrk said...

I agree totally with you folks! Moras are - unfortunately for us knifemakers;-)- incredible bargains!