Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday 29 November 2010

November winter meeting

I met up with a few lads in a lovely peice of woodland in Co Down.

The craic was good as usual.

A start on a net!

So I carved the netting needle and now to make a net.

I used instructions from the us airforce survival manual.

I used shop bought string to learn the technique and my own netting needle.

I tied a top line between two uprights and then attached a series of loops with prussik knots to it to create the first line of holes.

Then I loaded the needle, which I realised was to small and began weaving right to left using a ruler as a spacer. The know used is easy to learn and I soon built. Some speed. Then I worked form left to right with a knot that is a mirror image of the first knot.

I am not going to describe the knots because they are explained better on the web.

Sorry the pics are a bit crap.

Three rows done in ten minutes and I was getting faster.

Key is to use a spacer, I tried a few by eye and it dos nt work so well.

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Saturday 27 November 2010

Watching Badgers

I found myself standing in the woods last night with snow falling around me. Then a badger arrived! Love it.
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Thursday 25 November 2010

My first attempt at a basket


I was out and about today and saw lots of flint. I didnt want to put it in my pocket because it was stinking so i thought why not have a go at making a basket. Took about 40 minutes with some pruning snips and a swiss army knife. No the best obviously but I am pleased and know that what I learned this time will mean I can make a better one next time. good fun actually.

Netting needle

Now to make a net!
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Monday 22 November 2010

Bushcraft meeting 5th December 2010.

Hi all,

If you are interested in meeting a bunch of keen bushcrafters in the Belfast area on the above date please contact info. There are limited spaces.


3000 visitors

My blog has had 3000 visitors so far so thanks to everyone who has had a look and thanks for your comments.

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Sunday 21 November 2010

What size Kindling bundle!

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Port muck Flint beach

I visited Port Muck on a tip off from a friend and found a beach covered in flint nodules ready for the harvesting. A lot of the flint has had the cortex removed through wave action which means it has been bashed about a bit but I was able to make a usable knife in a few seconds. The beach is perfect for material for small blades arrow heads etc.
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Thursday 18 November 2010

My kuksa continued

The bowl was burnt out

shape i wanted marked in pen

I held the saw still and moved the wood, a useful technique for small peices like this.

split the bits off easily

a bit more saw work then a bit of thinning with the axe and knife

after alot of work with a knife. and some sand paper.

Still more work to do. Making handle holes. Increasing bowl size and oiling to make it more water proof.