Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday 26 December 2011

Thought on survival

What you imagine will happen is often not the same as what will happen. Get out for some dirt time

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Monday 19 December 2011

Close your eyes if your nervous


I know this guy is an expert but still you cant help feel yourself getting nervous watching him. One slip with that razor sharp blade and a finger would be gone or femoral artery severed. Amazing skill really.



Santa is bringing me something all the way from Finland with the help of my Finnish Friend Mikko.

It is pointy and apprently indestructible. UPS say it is due on Tuesday.

Oh i do like getting parcels in the post.

All will be revealed soon enough.

Friday 16 December 2011

Passing on some skills


There is a great pleasure in passing on knowledge. In fact you allways learn something yourself.

In teaching we learn,

A few pics form a recent course I helped run.

Monday 5 December 2011

A good set of tools for general bushcraft

Hi all,

After many years of searching I have finally found a good balance of tools to take out to the woods. This is my personal choice for the reason listed.

General purpose knife for battoning, butchering rough, carving etc - Fallkniven F1. Robust, easy to sharpen, excellent in wet conditions. Great at splitting wood, impossible to break really (although if there is a chance of breaking your blade you are using it incorrectly I say)

Fine detail and carving knife – Mora 106. A splendid little knife which punches well above its weight, very versatile and easy to sharpen and maintain, best of all cheap as chips. I carry it on a piece of paracord around my neck where it is always accessible. Also functions as a back up in case you lose your main knife. I have modified the sheath to keep the handle tighter by heating and stretching it a bit. I also shaved the handle a bit thinner which makes it sit much more securely indeed.

Saw- Bacho Laplander. The bushcraft standard and hard to beat really. You can do all sorts with a saw like this and its use is a skill like everything else. Go out and use it for a day as your sole tool and you will realise how good it is.

Axe- Fiskars camp axe. 23 inch one. A very surprising medium sized axe which can do a lot of work and is comfortable to use. Sharpens easily to a razor finish. An axe is a very useful tool. It is well worth learning how to use one properly. You can do most jobs with your axe from felling a tree to carving the beginning of a spoon before you need your knife. An axe makes processing wood a lot easier. Split wood burns better than rounds and catches faster. You can also make feather sticks. SO a fire from start to finish is easy with an axe and alot less work than a knife.

And that is it.

Of course if you have a base camp a bow saw comes into it own too and is really just a bigger version of the Laplander in terms of utility. I really like the bacho ones for quality.

Saturday 3 December 2011

Knives in use


I allways like to see good knives in actual use.

Here is a nice picture I found of a swedish soldier with a Mora 2000 attached to her webbing. Interesting indeed. I cant help but like them, they are weird but they are really good. I wonder has she ever used it.

Thursday 1 December 2011

Pin oak

This is a pic of a leaf against the sky. Very sitinctive liaf indeed.