Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Fallkniven U2, WM1 and F1

A nice little trio! I really do like these knives and have never had any trouble with them.

I allways go back to my good old F1 it seems, no matter what knife I try. I have had it for about 8 years now. I bought a zyntel sheath which I find handier than the leather but more tactical looking which I dislike. The other 2 are recent additions but they are really really good. The wm1 is like a fixed blade pocket knife and I seem to use it for everything. The neck sheath is awesome and so so handy.

The u2 is basically a pocket scalpel sturdy, easy to sharpen excellent! Weirdly the u 2 cost me more than the F1 which was approx 50 quid when I got it, u2 was 60, a bit expensive but worth it I think.

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Karl said...

Hmmm... some nice steel there!

Fallkniven knives are at the top of my wish list, the F1 and the Forest Knife for me...

Just on the Plastic sheath, you could cover it in leather as an option. Just get somr thin soft leather, a needle and thread and some spray on adheasive... does wonders to reduce the "Tacticool" look...


Perkunas said...

Just a thought...but...

would you like to trade your folding knive to something :) ?

you know my email, if you are interested, sir.