Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Friday, 8 April 2011

A wander in my wood (well I like to think its mine)


I went for a nice wander yesterday in my local wood.

I was just thinking how lucky I was to have such a resource on my door step. I can go up there all day and not see another soul.

The wood and its surrounding feilds and wetland is about 173 acres and have mostly hazel, Ash and Hawthorn.

I have been going up there since I was a small boy and I still find new things.

It was nearly sold to make a golf course but luckily the local people kicked up and the woodland trust stepped in and bought it.

I think they have done a good job so far with 57000 new trees being planted and lots of new habitat creation.

Anyway a few pictures.

Collect tinder as you go and dry it out in your pockets

More tinder

Rose Bay Willow herb

A very dry little hollow under a tree. Maybe a future sleeping spot

A Badger set. There is a large population here

One of the 3 ponds. Sticklebacks are in abundance.

Found a nice flint nodule so did a bit of knapping.

A few blades

Collected a few elder wands for drying into hand drills.

My fire site.

Insulation platform. I used elder here becuase it is straight and easy to break.

My little fiskars hatchet. It is brilliant. I Have a GFA but allways use this because i like it.

Nice fire going with ferro rod and dried grass for tinder

cooking nettles for a snack.


Hedge garlic. Not as strong as it usually is for some reason.

Lime buds.
Very tender and tasty

Another experiment

With a bit more carving I reckon I could get half a litre in this one. When i finish and seal it I will post a pic.
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