Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Aonach Mor


I love going through old photos and being reminded of things you had forgotten.

About 10 years ago myself and a friend packed up the car boarded a ferry and drove through the night to get to the Nevis range of mountains in the highlands of Scotland.

We camped in the shadow of Ben nevis and survived a few storms to attempt a few winter climbs in the gullies on the North face.

It was quite testing at the time but the thing is I seem to thrive on being in situations like that were there is no future or present just the moment that your cowering in your tent hoping that it dosnt rip apart in the battering ice laden wind.

We went on to climb to the top of quite a few Munros that winter which was brilliant.

This photo was taken when we reached the top of Aonach Mor and discovered that huge cornices had formed overhanging the gullies. Of the 6 feet or so of snow between me and the edge, 4 of it is unsupported cornice. i didnt realise this at the time but luckily a hard old scottish mountaineer shouted in no uncertain terms that I should get back or die, of course he used a few more swear words than that. He then went on to invite us into his bothy shelter for a cup of tea.

We went back every year after that for about 5 years and had many more fun times and plenty of heart stopping moments but I suppose its all about adventure.

Good times good times.

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Kepis said...

Excellent, one day i wil have a sort through of the thousands of photo's in the loft, somewhere up there are photo's from some interesting and i was told "fun times" on Dartmoor