Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I was out with my Leuku today.

No pics of it in use sorry, but I did see alot of badger sign today and found a latrine.

I took the Leuku out to harvest some hazel wands and Elder shoots. It excelled at this task going through thumb thick branches in one stroke. Nearly as handy as my secateurs by Felco which are the ultimate bushraft energy saving tool!! maybe.  

The special 'OK' grip where you hold it with your first two fingrs and thumb around the flared butt is very powerfull with a bit of wrist action.

I  tried it for some finer work and carved a few trap triggers for a figure of four trap. Its a bit awkward for this being long with an obtuse grind but defo usable if you didnt have a smaller knife. I am not quite sure if it is more usefull than a small axe and mora combo though.

I also split some wrist thick hazel for a fire and made feather sticks with it.

I can see where it is very handy for chopping and cleaning up branches very quickly so it would be a great tool for shelter building which I am of course going to test out.

I am planning on going for a camp out this weekend were I will put it throught its paces properly.

Then I can take a few pics.

Here is some input in the form of a comment from someone who knows what he is talking about a native Finlander and friend of the blog. And I agree with everthing he says. The leuku is excellent but it is designed with a specific enviroment in mind. Fascinating stuff thanks Perkunas.

Blogger" Perkunas said...
Here in Finland where leuku is very common,especially in lapland areas, you rarely need an axe because all the trees...well they arent even trees as theyre so tiny that man only needs a sturdy leuku to cut em. Also, in butchering a reindeer its very useful etc. Its actually very dedicated tool, developed and used in special enviroments originally so many men who dont use it as its intended, may take it as a weird tool and compare it to an axe usually. If you visit norwegian,swedish or even finnish lapland ever, with an axe and leuku, youll discover how wonderful leuku is there."

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