Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kit List for a days walking in the hills


I thought I would share what I usually bring into the hills for a days walking.

This is the contents of my backpack and not including clothes which vary on conditions.

I also bring, food, a flask of hot tea or ribena or a stove to heat water on like a jet boil or a trangia mini, now that i have one.

I also bring my walking poles which are good for saving your knees on decents and stability on uneven ground. I have black diamond ones which are superb having owned inferior ones before.

I can easyily fit all this in a 35l Lowe Alpine walkabout sack.

Top left-microfibre towel, middle-dry bag with hat gloves, bottom left- water proof trousers(patagonia) and jacket(Berghaus paclite), right- polarloft Mountain equipment fitzroy jacket(brilliant, warm light0

everything goes into a 50l dry bag inside my ruck

emergency torch and very loud whistle. make sure your whistle is good. go to a park and blow it and if everyone looks round at you and covers their ears then you know its good. I have used both this in a real emergency and they worked great and probably helped save my life and others too.

Map, compass, emergency food, lighter, pace counter

first aid, torch, fire-steel, blister kit, sapre batteries

strong cord, tissues, Leatherman multi-tool

Storm shelter and duct tape for repairs. The storm shelter should not be underestimated. I have slept in one while caught out in a storm and it keep me warm and happy.
Here is what it looks like. There are 3 people in here.

Titanium spoon

A section of foam mat to sit on. I modified it so it folds in two with a hing of duct tape and cable ties. It means you can lie down on it if your caught out. Or put one half up your back to protect it from the wind.

Good water bottle.

You may have noticed that there are little yellow bits of tape on everything. Well this is my idea for finding things in the dark. It also means that your friends can find you in the dark as they are reflective and incredible bright. This is marine reflective tape and i supperglued it on.


Karl said...

A nicely balanced kit there Abo... and a good tip on the marine tape too I have flash tape all over my day pack for the same teason...


JesterBushcraft said...

A great blog you have written there, with some great info. I like the folding mat idea, simple but effective (I might rob that if you dont mind...the idea, not the mat)

Regards Mick - JesterBushcraft

Craig - Montana Bushcraft said...

Hello from Montana, USA,

Nice blog. I have never seen the storm shelter before. It looks very interesting. Looks like it's light and compact. I think I will look into those. Seems like a very good item to have.


JPickett said...

I see you have a firekit and you mention a stove, What do you heat the water in? A cup or billy can?

Andrew Boe said...

Hi, I heat the water in my trangia pot and then transfer to a cup