Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A few pics from my recent overnighter

My home for 2 days

There is a rising problem with teenagers buying a bargain tent and then leaving it in place when they are done. Good if you need a shelter in a hurry

Beech coming in to leaf and an opertunity for a bit of  food.

The small leaves are the ones to eat.

Typical forestry plantation of Sitka Spruce

A wind broken Spruce.

A place where water gathers is often indicated by wet loving species like golden Saxifrage (edible) A good place for a gypsy well

Hairy bitter cress. Tastes like normal cress and can be quite powerfull

A nice stream coming of the mountain. I still boiled my water though.

Tent pole bag left behind!!

Wool twine left behind

Can left behind. A cooking pot

Camp fire and grill left behind. Crazy. Why can't the lazy bastards just take it home again.

Spruce new rowth is excellent for tea or to eat straight of the tree. Takes resinous though. I think you can taste the Vit C which they are high in.

Protein or a little friend for the night.

My Leuku, which was an outstanding tool and very usefull indeed.

Feathersticks for the fire.

3 good feathersticks produce alot of heat and will release alot of energy, worth practising.

A bit of split willow and kindling  on top of the feathersticks and the fire was established in under a minute!

The cutting tools I brought.

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