Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Enjoying the outdoors with infants.

I got this macpac baby carrier. It is super comfortable for baby and daddy. It have a fully enclosed rain cover and sun shade. There is about 20l worth of storage under the seat and even a mirror on the waist band to check on the kid. The unit is self supporting so you can load and unload without hassle. My baby always fall asleep so it must be comfy and warm even on cold windy days like today. macpac are a kiwi firm and make great gear. This is basically a very high end backpack with full back systems and straps with a little pouch added. I carried my daughter for around 3 hours today with a few nappy stops etc and have to say it is as comfortable as any backpack I have ever used. Also I personally hate prams bevause they limit where you can go so this solves the problem.

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Keith said...

Good one. I had a carrier for my boys too, but it was not as flash as that one!
Regards, Keith.