Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A quick look at the Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter

I purchased this lighter upon the recommendation of a friend.
I wanted something robust plus I am a self confessed gadget freak too so any excuse really. I suppose bic lighters are perfectly good but they cant really compete with something like this for the cool factor, lets face it.
I have been using the lighter for about 3 months now and am very pleased with it indeed.
I have used it in all sorts of situations from igniting gas stoves to melting the ends of frayed climbing ropes.
The unit is solid and feels rugged. Dropping it wont do much in the way of harm, which I can atest to having dropped it many times. It has also survived a play session with my 3 year old  which I can assure you is similar to a few months with a Seal Team (which I didn't not know about until the wife told me off for leaving it lying about the house on low shelves). The lighter is also waterproof (drool) to a degree and when the clip is in place it is a sealed unit. It has also suffered considerable soakings in my pocket on a rainy day and been dropped in a puddle and has ignited first time.
I have refilled it many times, which is easy, and it has always ignited first time.
One issue is that the ignition button heats up very quickly and will burn your thumb if you are not careful during prolonged use.

The gas reservoir window shows how much juice you have left and is big enough to be useful.
The push button used to open the lid.
The safety clip which holds the lid in place even if the opening button is depressed.
A handy lanyard attachment hole.
The opening on the base where the gas reservoir can be topped up. the silver screw can be used to adjust gas flow and thus flame.
The safety clip can be disengaged one handed and wearing gloves.
Pushing the button causes the lid to flip open, however it can be a little stiff if dirty or cold.
The inside of the unit with ignition button and burner.
Ignition. The flame is invisible during daylight. You can feel the heat above the flame for a considerable distance.
Notice the position of the lid. This can be a pain as it hinders getting close to the base of a fire to light it for example. Although the heat is so intense that it will ignite good tinder from a considerable distance away.

I got mine here

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