Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Agnews Hill and some useful winter plants Part 3

I climbed out of the forest and continued to climb higher onto the moor. There was still some un-melted snow in places.
A small plunge pool had formed from the melting snow. I took the opportunity to take a drink using my Lifesaver
 DSCF0631  DSCF0635 DSCF0636 DSCF0637 DSCF0638 DSCF0640  DSCF0641

A razor sharp Flint fragment which showed it had been worked. It may well be a tool thousands of years old.
DSCF0662 DSCF0644 DSCF0649 DSCF0651 DSCF0656
Some random pics. What can I say my Fallkniven S1 likes having her picture taken. I like the mushroom photo too.

DSCF0666 DSCF0663 DSCF0664 DSCF0665
I came across the tracks of a Hare. I was able to follow it for some distance across the snow pack and in the end I saw it sitting on a rock in the distance.
Another indication of direction using the wind.
DSCF0672 DSCF0671
Looking over the valley.

DSCF0675 DSCF0673
Sheep horn but no sheep!!

Overall an interesting day indeed.
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