Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 16 April 2012

Not looking good

I often get annoyed when people get all worked up about things like grey squirrels. Fair enough they are a pest and harm our native reds but I wonder what has caused more harm. Humans destroying the majority of wild habitat in Britain over the years or humans introducing a new species.

I was monitoring the removal of an perfectly good mature Beech tree the other day. The tree was being removed because it was blocking light from reaching a conservatory during certain hours of the day. I had fought to have the tree reduced which would have solved the situation but then the health and safety demon was raised and kids playing in the garden getting hit by a piece of deadwood and that was that.

In the end a tree of 150 years was removed to get 2 hours of light during the day when most people are at work.

There was a climbing frame under the tree which looked like it had not been used in years probably since the games console came into the house.

It is not looking good for us as a race when the majority are more worried about light in our conservatory than something which provides oxygen for our planet.

People are more connected to the tv, games console or car than the forests and oceans.
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Kepis said...

I know exactly where you are coming from, in one of the nearby villages, the "immigrant townies" at the tennis club, that nobody who was born and bred in the village wanted anyway, had a very old Sycamore removed as it was dropping leaves on the court, of course it was only in the autumn that it did it, but rather than get of their collective backsides and get a broom and sweep the court clear, they had the tree taken down.

Whats really gauling is the tennis courts, only really get used just before and just after Wimbledon and if these, prats had taken the time to notice, the leaves were not on the ocurt anyway, as the wind blew them against the chain link fence they had installed to keep the natives out or was it to keep the toffs in?

Makes me mad, can ya tell? ;-)

Le Loup said...

Good post! As you quite rightly state, things are not looking good & I feel that despite all we do it is not about to change!
Sincere Regards, Keith.