Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 14 March 2011

A dander up Carnmoney Hill

I live in the shadow of an ancient inactive volcano.

There are lots of interesting things to find on the steep Hazel covered escarpments.

Pignut, delicious!
An old gnarled hedge row Ash
The ancient flint mine
The layers of flint are still visable
A fern grows in a mossy niche on the chalk cliff.
Wood sorrel. Looking  abit worse for wear. Still  nice to eat.
Jews ear. An edible fungus. One of the few I know for certain.
The cave hill overlooking Belfast.
The famous Harland and wolfe cranes
Boiling up water in a discarded beer can.
Sheep sorrel.
An early mature Oak. The thicker branches grow on the South side.
Some drainage works have been carried out. The result is that alot of flint has been brough to the surface. The place is littered with hundreds of bits like this. I had great fun knaaping a few blades.
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