Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Thursday, 10 March 2011

western red cedar

This is an import from America. Not as common as you would think.

The foliage has a nice sweet waxy citrus smell which is unqiue to WRC. The wood is excellent because it is strong and light. Its splits well. The inner bark makes great string to.
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Mo said...

WRC was a very important tree for the First Nations people in my area - Shelter, canoes, basket making, totem poles. It was easy to work with primitive tools and very rot resistant. Still used in building today and is currently the most valuable tree commercially.

I salvaged some singles from another project and used them on my cabin. Beautiful and long lasting. I also used WRC for the decking on my porch.

Abo said...

Brilliant info, thanks Mo.

Northern Ireland Bushcraft Association said...

An excellent find dude! Thanks for the id it's good to know it's about!