Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bow drill practise


Had a bit of bowdrill time today. 5 embers in a row with Hael drill and Lime hearth. I videod 4 of them but pressed record twice for the fifth, doh!

Here is a little video. Please dont comment about how handsome I am. My mummy tells me all the time lol.


Pj said...

I just made my first two hand drill fires a couple of days ago. I made two because I was not prepared with the camera for the first. I want to try the bow drill next.

Unknown said...

Hi stone age,

If you can do hand drill you should find bow drill easy.

Good luck, let me know how you get on.


greyfox said...

Well done mate, lime and hazel are a great combo!

Gary said...

Nice one Andy. I see that you are like me and prefer a long spindle.