Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Useful things on a keyring

A fox pea less whistle.  Very loud and was once used in an actual life threatening rescue situation. Heard miles away far far better than a human voice and will not go hoarse. Bright coloured too.

Fenix torch. Very small bright and light. Used every day.

Fire steel.  When I need fire I use a fire steel I have been doing this for about 7 months now. Hones the skills nicely and it is fun to light the children's birthday candles with it.

Nite light. Glows in the dark. Enough said.

Led light. A very handy thing if your torch runs out which it has. Cheap too.

I often work alone and away from civilisation.  I need to attract attention when I enevitabbly fall down a big hole in the middle of the woods.

I also carry other gear with me which I will show shortly but this lives in my pocket.

Its not thw best way to think but I often add gear after a bad thing nearly or does happen.

A good example is when I put one foot through a hidden pane of glass and litterally unzipped my trousers from ankle to knee. How my leg escaped being unzipped too I do not know. Thank god because i may not have walked away having been 4 miles Anyway from the car and help in a deep forest. Something like that would probably bleed you out pretty quick if you didnt do something productive quickly. Ï realised a very easily accessible wound dressing or two and duct tape were probably good ideas. 

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Hawkeye The Noo said...

Usefull group of EDC kit. For me it is not what I carry but how I carry it that effects whether I continue to carry it. It has to be as hastle free and unobtrusive as possible.