Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fallkniven S1 forest knife


I purchased the forest knife last year and have been testing it quite vigorously ever since.

The blade is thick at 5mm and the edge is convex.

I have found that the blade diameter is not a problem at all, even when carving. Cutting notches for figure of four traps is not a noticeable issue and it is easy to choke up on the blade for fine work.

I have used the knife for preparing rabbits and fish which is it excellent for. Although the blade is long it is well balanced.

It can quite easily go through wrist thick branches with a few swings. It splits wood like a beast too.

I am growing to like it more and more and often miss the versatility if I do not have it with me.

In combination with a good pocket knife like an enzo pk70 it is unbeatable. 


Unknown said...

It's a great knife. You are right, for such a thick knife, it performs all tasks very well. The convex is so thin that you hardly notice the thickness of the knife.

Martijn Top said...

I really enjoy my S1 too. Very versatile knife.
I am thinking to rehandle mine with some nice wooden handle.