Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fantastic master Fox

I had the pleasure of watching a young Fox go about his business for a short while. When I came across him I was lucky that I was down wind and he was looking the other way.

He seemed to enjoy the sunshine and was having a good scratch as well.

I took a few snaps but they are not the best. My camera was on the wrong setting, silly me. Still getting to grips with my new Finepix hs30 exr.(great camera by the way)


inactive blogger said...

Good find. Lucky to have gotten so many pictures. They're few and far between down here in the Southern United States. But efforts are being made to bring them and the Coyote back.

Andrew Boe said...

They are quite common here but not many people see them. This is a young fox not quite red yet.

JesterBushcraft said...

Excellent photos. I too have a finepix (S9500) and still wrapping my head round all the settings. I was lucky enough to spot a fox a while back, but could get the camera on it quick enough...