Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 16 May 2011

Budget bushcraft survival kit


I was chatting to a friend the other day and we got to talking about a good basic kit for starting out enjoying bushcraft. He wanted to know what he should buy. I told him not to bother and i had kit enough for the both of us.

However it is a valid concern for people wanting to start out. The most important thing of course is training and skill.

Persoanlly I feel that you cant go wrong with a swiss army knife and some creativity but there are a few tools which when purchased will last a long time and have tons of uses. I went onto Amazon to see what I could find. I wont bother with clothes or shelter etc. These tools will serve you well no matter the length of the journey but lets start with a day in the woods.

The first of course is a good knife. You do not need to spend a fotune on a knife. Just get a Mora of sweden and you will join the ranks of experienced and satisfied outdoors men the world over.
Of course as you advance in the hobby you can upgrade your knife to something pretty and usefull at the same time. Here is one that is perfect and only costs £9.00

Mora Quicksnap 911 Knife - Carbon

Next I would go for a saw. A good Bacho laplander will serve you very well indeed. I have had one for about 5 years and it has cut everything. You can even re-sharpen the blade. £12

Bahco 396 Lap Laplander Folding Saw

Next, something to cook in. I love Trangia kit. Anything swedish is usually good stuff. this billy can is 2.5l and only £16 bargain.

Trangia 2.5L Billy Can With Lid

A firesteel. The swedish (again) ones are good. You can get ones which are crap or a bit hit or miss so i prefer to go for a good brand myself. £6 cant be bad.

Light My Fire Mini Swedish Firesteel

I think that there are altenatives to all of this stuff of course and you may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere I used Amazon for convenience. It is allways worth going on ebay too.

Good luck. Suggestions welcome

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