Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 31 January 2011

A trip to the secret wood!

I came across this place by accident in a rather weird place.

An old campfire site. The place has been used sometime in the past

An old hide.

Birch Polypore

Sheep sorrel

Not much water about,unless you know where to look.

I wanted to test the birch to see if the sap had started flowing yet. Its a bit cold still but worth a try. Shame i didnt have a knife. However i did find dome old thick glass.

And some slate

A few wacks with a rock and i had a small blade.

Just an exploratory slice. Not sap yet, but a definite increase in moisture.

I tested out my slate axe on a dead stem because i didnt want to damage the living tree more than needed.

One hit from the axe opened quite a bit hole. However you do lose alot of material with every hit.

Someone has been collecting birch bark.......

A fungus used for tinder when dry.

A really old can, I reckon about 20+years old. Also a cooking pot.
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