Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 29 November 2010

A start on a net!

So I carved the netting needle and now to make a net.

I used instructions from the us airforce survival manual.

I used shop bought string to learn the technique and my own netting needle.

I tied a top line between two uprights and then attached a series of loops with prussik knots to it to create the first line of holes.

Then I loaded the needle, which I realised was to small and began weaving right to left using a ruler as a spacer. The know used is easy to learn and I soon built. Some speed. Then I worked form left to right with a knot that is a mirror image of the first knot.

I am not going to describe the knots because they are explained better on the web.

Sorry the pics are a bit crap.

Three rows done in ten minutes and I was getting faster.

Key is to use a spacer, I tried a few by eye and it dos nt work so well.

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