Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Sunday, 21 November 2010

What size Kindling bundle!

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Keith said...

A common mistake made these days is confusing tinder with kindling. Partly I think it comes from the term "tinder dry", but using a ferocium rod and calling it flint and steel does not help either. For the student of "flint, steel & tinderbox" fire lighting this can be confusing.
Tinder is what catches and holds a spark struck from steel with a sharp edged flint or similar stone.
Kindling is anything from dried grass to sticks.
This is not meant as a crtisism of your post, just my thoughts on tinder.
With respect and regards.

Andrew Boe said...

Hi Le Loup,

Thanks for your post. Your are right in what you say completely. I meant kindling bundle so I have changed it. cheers