Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mora Viking

What do you look for in a knife?
I want something sharp, and easy to sharpen. Comfortable. Robust and capable of taking serious abuse in the name of experimentation.
And lastly good value for money.
If you pay 100+ for a knife I don't think you can help being more careful with it. And god forbid, what if you lose it.

This mora cost me £2.50 and I have used it for 2 years without incident.

There is nothing you can do with a several hundred pound knife that you can't do with this!

And who cares if it breaks or you lose it. Just buy another 10!
Try it.

I highly recommend it.
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1 comment:

Gorges Smythe said...

I second the opinion. I've had a wooden-handled one for several years and it's a fine little knife. I've even dressed out a deer with it.