Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Friday, 15 October 2010

Building a debris shelter

I was out in the woods today and decided to build a debris shelter with nothing but my hands.

The thing about making anything or doing any skill within bushcraft is that experience is the best teacher.
I bet when you actually build something that looks so easy in the book you will be suprised at the challenges and problems you will discover and feel the self fulfilment of over coming them.

Clear the ground

Place two strong sticks to form an arch.

Add ridge pole. make sure it is 2 foot or so longer than your body

Add sticks as densely as possible

Start adding leaf litter. at least 30cm. I did one side first for illustration purposes.

do other side.

add loads of debris. As thick as possible. When you think you have enough then add more. Effort means warmth.

A good deapth of debris on the hut.

add more branches to keep the debris in place. Add debris to the inside as deep as possible. Place debris at entrance for when you go in you can drag it over to block door. These shelters are very warm if built correctly plus they warm you up building them too.

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Keith said...

Excellent, well done, and good images.