Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tips for Learning about wild plants.


If you are starting fresh my advice is to choose plants and trees which are common throughout the world and have multiple uses.

Willow is a prime example as it grows everywhere virtually. Medicinal, tools, materials.

Learning wild plants can be daunting but well worth it.

If you learn just one a week, you will know 52 after a year. Then you will be miles ahead of most.

It is also worth learning the scientific names.

I allways break them up and come up with funny images.

For example pinus sylvestris- the scots pine.

Pinus is the family and is easy to remember. Just think of a map of the u.s covered in pins. Pin-us.

Sylvestris - you could imagine sly stallone wearing a vest cutting down a big pine tree with cones falling down and hitting his head.

Although this is not exactly how it is spelt or the full name, it is enough to remind you what the proper name is.

Think of trying to remember someone name and its on the tip of your tongue. Then someone says something that sounds like it and the proper name comes to you
Instantly. The brain works by association.

You can introduce things into the memory which can help you identify it.

So imagine 2 sly's cutting down a pine with 2 axes each. This means this pine has 2 needles per cluster. Then imagine they are wearing red orangey red trousers hats and vests. This represents the red tinge of the bark at the top of the tree. The amount of info you include is only limited by your imagination.

You are probably thinking this is a waste of time. However after just reading this you will remember the info quite easily.

The trick is to visualise it, smell ity hear it.

Test yourself tomorrow and I bet you can remember the name.

Good luck.
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