Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Knowledge in unlikely places


I have found that great bushcraft tips can be found by talking to people.

Even the most un-outdoorsy people know something that you don't know about bushcraft. Little things picked up over the years from grannies uncles etc.

I was getting my hair cut at the barber and we were talking about Ray Mears. He says that he remembers his granddad all ways carrying a match box in his pocket with fishing line in it wrapped round a match.

Granddad used to make hooks from stuff he found when out and about and he would keep them in the box. Thorns, Safety pins, bits of springs anything.

He told me that his granda was in the war and this is were he learned this practise.

He told me how he would whip it out when ever he came across water and caught a fish every time. He would dispatch it by hitting it on the back of the head with his knuckle like a poacher.

I do love stories like that. Bushcraft and survival is often born from necessity.

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