Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 23 January 2012

Making hooks

Hi all,

I have some small nails in my pocket from a recent ikea build. you all ways end up with some spare bits!

Anyway I decided to make some small fishing hooks.

This reminded me of a time when I was on a long flight. As a little challenge and to pass the time I decided to try and improvise some hooks from what I could find on the plane.

I ended up making quite a few from different things which I then used when I got to my destination.

Survival is all about improvisation.

Man made or natural materials are all fair game.

I ended up using a safety pin which I found on the floor of the toilets. I also attached a lure made from brightly coloured plastic sweet wrappers. I bound the hook with thread and waterproofed it with a wax crayon. I also found paperclips, which I think are a bit weak metal. The pull from a drinks can, pin from sowing kits and loads more.

Try it out its good fun. Make a hook from what's within 5 metres of you right now.

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