Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 15 August 2011

Beachcomber course Pictures

This course is highly recommended indeed. Patrick is thee man when it comes to primitive living.

Some of the lads with Patrick

Enough meat to feed 6 hungry boys!

The white strip is sinew

The hooves can be used and the sinue is also good for things

Happy camper

Meat ready for thinning down into jerky

Getting tips from an expert in hunting and butchering Deer!

Checking the crab trap

6 Big shore crabs

Making the willow and tarp canoe

An outrigger was added

The camp

I did not get very far

Lesson what what not to do. Evan is up for it

Testing her out

We tested her out with two people. 23 stone of weigh no problem

Cooking freshly gathered shell fish on the beach
Smoker chimney

Raised pit oven. The Mcglinchey Volcano

Our stone smoker

Common shore crab after cooking

Drying jerky

Netting needle which was carved and used on the course to make a net!!

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