Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Trees in Bushcraft portfolio


Over the past year or so I have been keeping a portfolio of (Mostly) native trees and their uses to the bushcrafter. Here are a few pictures. It is a fantastic way to retain information and organise your learning if you want to push forward. It is to easy to drift from one subject to another without learning much. If you try and focus a bit you will learn a huge amount in a short time.

Each tree profile has a pressed leaf, photos, info on species, family, genus, origins, uses, habitat, habit, associated wildlife and anything else I fancy writting really. There are also loads of pencil drawings of different things like flowers, fruit and nuts etc. It is based on my own observations and experiments as well as information I have yet to test from books. Well over 100 pages now and counting.

I also have one for wild plants from my country and their uses which I am building up.

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Želva lesní said...

Great idea, man!

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