Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hand drill in the Irish woods


Just a clip of me out creating a hand drill set from scratch in the woods.

I think a good way to develop your personal skills is to give yourself little challenges.

I usually harvest my hand drill spindle green and then dry them out artifically in the hot-press, same with the hearths. But why not try it from scratch in the woods and see if I can get fire? So i did.

The drill is Elder and the hearth is Goat Willow I had to try and discard 3 or 4 drills before i found one that would work. The secret is findign a second year shoot which is straight, thick enough, dead and dry. It cannot be decayed at all which is a problem with Elder. Finding a good drill is the hardest part. I used a peice of crampball fungus in the tinder bundle to boost the ember and give me more heat to get rid of any damp in the tinder.

I hope you enjoy.


thesecretcamper said...

Cracking blog you have here mate. I saw you at 99followers so thought I would take you to 100. I'll be following your adventures.

Andrew Boe said...

Thanks very much, your welcome anytime :0