Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Monday, 21 May 2012

N.I Scouts Survival weekend with Bear Grylls

Hi all,

Last year Northern Ireland Survival School was honoured to be asked to attend a survial weekend with the entire Northern Ireland Scout movment (1500 people approximatly). It was top secret and we were not allowed to mention it because bear Grylls was coming across.

Anyway we were more than happy to donate our time to something like this and attended a number of meetings to help set the event up.

So now the weekend has passed and we got about 2.5 hours sleep. Scouts do not sleep at camp   apparently.

We set up a camp and basically scouts called by throughout the weekend. They took part in whatever we were doing at the time from gutting rabbits to fire by friction to shelter building to arrow making.

I think they all really enjoyed it immensly.

When Bear arrived he came by our camp especially to thank us for volunteering our time to help out and chatted to us about various things. He was a very charming and humble guy.

One group of scouts had decided to build a full on survial shelter with all natural materials. Perhaps the only ones.(the rest used black polythene to make shelters of various shapes and sizes which were all brilliant.) We make a point of mentioning this to the head scout who then told Bear. The scouts got a personal visit from the main man himself.

Anyway a great event to be involved in and we look forward to the next one.

Just as we were packing up we got presented with a scout badge each as a thanks for attending which was a great touch!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, for both coming along and providing me with a perfectly cosy place to sleep. The whole 2.5 hours sleep, yea sorry about that but hey welcome to Scouts.