Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Testing hultafors


During our scout training session we gave out 20 identical Hultafors stainless steel knives to use.

If you ever want to test a knife this is the way to do it.

During the course of the day this little knife gutted, skinned and boned 20 rabbits, split wood, made feather sticks, scraped fire steels, tapped pines and birches, dug holes was involved in knife throwing competitions ( when I was not looking!!!!) Chopping scouts fingers, poking fires, poking fox poo, digging roots, chopping wood, hammering, attached to sticks as spears, shelter making, stick sharpening, carving, hair cutting, ember carrying and many more when I wasn't watching.

Anyway 16 out of 20 are still in perfect order. The other 4 have minor dings in the edge probably from digging or cutting to close to the bone or who knows what.

Anyway the knife is highly recommended indeed and has a great handle and a good quality and sharp blade. The blade is well shaped and a good general purpose tool. The sheath is plastic and I stuck knife and sheath x 20 in the dish washer to sort out all the blood and rabbit bits.

Highly recommended.

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