Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Wildlife interaction before your eyes

Hi all,

I have been kind of quiet recently. Just doing the things nessecary for modern life I suppose.

I went for a walk in a local wood the other day. The sun was setting as I made my way up a steep bank over looking a small clear pond. The hazel leaves were droppping all around me.

I felt an urge to freeze and having learned long ago to trust ones instincts i did so.

Within a few seconds a young fox, still on the brown, dabbled side of red slipped from the undergrowth. He could smell me, because he frooze and scanned about. I was wearing dark green and standing in the shadow of an old Ash so was virtually invisable to him.

I watched him as he peered into the shadows, sniffing, his head casting about. I dont know how long he would have stood there because our nasal duel was interupted by the arrival of a wood Pigeon. I looked up at the grey flash as it alighted on a brach overhead and when i looked down the young fox had vanished.

Just to add to the fun at that exact moment a Sparrowhawk shot past and went for the Pigeon.
The pigeon escaped and the Hawk sat on the branch feeling sorry for himself until his sharp eyes noticed me and he was gone.

Quite an interesting little episode. i am often amazed at my ability to stumble across wildlife by being silent and keeping hidden.

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