Fire by hand drill

Fire by hand drill

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bow trap

Hi there,
I thought I would have another go at making one of these.
Rather simple really if you have a bow. The bow will lose tension if cocked for to long.
The bow is attached securely to two uprights with cord, wire, cable ties. You need to drive them deep so they don't hold.
The mechanism features a notch to hold the bow string and a notch to catch on the third upright. This hold the bow cocked.
The run a piece of string along front of bow via 3 pegs creating a trip wire. The trip wire trigger is attached to bow string holder via a loop, not tied on.
When the trip wire is stretched the loop pulls the trigger to the side off the third upright releasing the arrow. The loop slides off the trigger and doesn't interfere with the action.
Built for fun as these traps are illegal. I won't use it in a real life situation unless it was an emergency and even then its a lot of work for one trap.
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outdoorni said...

Getting very sophisticated in your trap making :-)

Kepis said...

Nice one, i made one of these years ago, think you have inspired me to try it again, lot of work though like you say.

scott said...

"Built for fun as these traps are illegal. I won't use it in a real life situation..."

That's good on various levels then.

Berserker said...

I really like that!

Would be a good perimeter/trail mantrap in the worst of times...